Wednesday, November 21, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 21

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Lord I love to call you faithful because that's what you've been to me all year round.
Aijay and WriteFreak tagged me to continue the wonderful thankful chain. I am to do Day 21 and waowwwww thanks guys 4 tagging me.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

To me, thanksgiving means giving thanks to God for what he has done for us, not what we have done for him. For this reason, I say:

I thank you lord for blogville. Receive my praise o God for NaijaWorld, Tresu, YYF (yoruba youth foundation). I have been blessed with wonderful friends and loved ones. I thank you specially for the ones that tagged me to do this post (+ all the participants).

When I wake up in the morning, i think about your love, goodness, mercy, and kindness towards me. This makes my soul magnify spirit blesses your holy name for all that you are and all that you've been = thanks 4 the breath of life.

So many times I've wondered what my life would be without you. I have strived to find my way but I've been lost..I've been through hell and you've held my hand up high. Like a hump is stuck on a camel, you've been attached to me. You know me and you always hear my cry. When no one's near, you're there to show me the way = thanks for showing me light in my darkest night

It is to you I give the praise, glory and worship. I owe all to you. You gave her life and she gave me life when she became one in love. They were as two peas in a pod and they gave me brothers, sister. They introduced me to the ones called cousins, nieces... = thanks for blessing me with a loving family

Oh that feeling that we've all experienced. A feeling that makes life worth living....we feel it and we find ourselves giving it unto others. It's the most important thing this season...ohh that feeling that embraces picks your organ as its dwelling place but it touches all others. You infected him and he passed it unto me. It was no shock for my entire family and friends (online & offline) were infected with that feeling. = thank you God for love - is everything

One day an angel said quietly that he'll bring something special to us. Of all of the wonderful things he could bring, who would imagine a king? = thanks for giving us your only son JESUS

Mattew 25:15 says "To one he gave five talents of money, to another two talents, and to another one talent, each according to his ability." She's been given numerous talents and she has no one but GOD to thank = thanks 4 the talents bestowed on OLAMILD

No words can describe what I feel. No words can explain the depth of my gratitude. I cannot show enough appreciation for what God has done. If I am to list everything I am thankful for, we could go on until 2020. For now, all I can do is bow down and sing..

Jesus I love you with all of my heart
I adore you, I'm the reason why you came to die
I praise you, your matchless love I can't compare
Jesus I love you with all of my soul
and I thank you with all of my heart.

I TAG ORACLE, LIGHTY, DIARY OF A G, and SPARKLE. I untag Princesa cus she did the post today.

Let's continue the story from Olamild's Collections.If you've not read the previous ones, this one will make no sense to you. Click to read I Hate My Father (I) and (II)


*/* */* */*(Someone bursts into the house)*/* */ * */ *

-- : You will not get away with this. You murderer. How could you have done that? (Yelling and ranting)

Taye: What are you talking about?

Wunmi: Who are you by the way?

-- : His ex. What kind of human are you? You are so ungrateful. Kenny took you in when no one else wanted you. He was there for you. He raised you as one of his, and this is how you thank him? This is how you show appreciation? By killing him?

Wunmi: do yourself a favor madam, leave now!

-- : No! Not until I’m done. When your father left you stranded to starve and die on earth, he…..

(Wunmi gave her a hot slap)

Wunmi: You don’t even know my father. Don’t talk about him like that.

-- : (shocked and upset) promise you, you wont get away with this. Do you know what you took away from me? (looking at wunmi) You took away my love. I’ll see that you go to jail. MURDERER.

Taye: Calm down child. What was that all about?

Wunmi: I don’t know but ……. (crying) she’s right. I will be sent to jail once they find out that I killed him.

Taye: Calm down child. Take a deep breath.

Tina: You didn’t do it girl. (consoles wunmi)

Wunmi: (hugs tina) I didn’t even see you walk in. I did it tina. I shot him!

Tina: But I was there that night.

Wunmi: Yeah I know but he was worth killing. I did it once and I’ll do it again!

Tina: But you didn’t do it. You wanted to but you couldn’t. You pointed the gun to him saying he’ll leave you no choice but to kill him and you wanted to. He held a gun to his own head saying you didn’t have to. He admitted the things he did, he had this mysterious look. He claimed he was in love with your mother but your father had her instead. Your father didn’t know about this . He emerged on a journey of revenge. Your poor father was not aware otherwise he would have left you in safe arms. He went on and on, but I can’t tell you all now. He haunted and hurt you with words and you couldn’t handle it anymore. You raised the gun towards him and he said I was ****ing you to get back at your father until I realized….He didn’t complete the statement. He laughed and shot himself. You fainted girl! I know you feel so much pain inside but you did not kill him. (Wunmi weeps furiously)

Wunmi: Regardless of who or what he was to me. I was more or less a child to him. I loved and respected him. I looked up to him. Why did he do all this?

Tina & Taye: You didn’t deserve it.

Taye: You did not wrong anyone. You were the best child one could ever hope to have. Take a seat child?

Tina: Great idea! You need to lie down for a while. (tina walks wunmi to her room) You’ll be fine, just relax. You need some alone time.(Tina goes downstairs to talk to taye)

Tina: No wonder she feels uncomfortable around males (sigh)

Taye: Oh I can understand that.

Tina: Well, what are we going to do? I’m sure this is going to affect her in so many aspects. I think she needs counseling.

Taye: We’ll see to it. Thanks for your support.

Tina: You are very welcome. I better see how she’s doing.

(tina goes back to wunmi’s room)

~*~ ~*~Narration~*~ ~*~

Would you? Should you? Could you have blamed her for what she felt? Time can be changed, but the pain can’t be erased. The memories will continue to linger though they are not precious. Danger’s no stranger here. You think it's over? Watch out for Part 4.


fantasy queen said...

i'm first??
ok, wheres my prize, the chewinggum?
where is the inspiration for this story from?...its quite deep and touching

princesa said...

It is good to thank the lord at all times dear.

This your story don become Naija home video o! E no dey end sef??lol!

Oracle said...

Nice story, Olamild.
Got your tag.
I'll have to present my Thanksgiving speech 2moro.
I'm dead right now.

I'll post it in my wordpress blog coz I don't do any non poetry on Oracle's corner.

Afrobabe said...

lol @princesa...home video indeed...

we thank God for u Olamild..we thank God for the gift of your voice.

Aijay said...

Thank u Lord for our dear Olamild.
Lol @ Princesa's comment.

OLAMILD said...

CHewing gum ke?

U get the turkey's lap 4 being first


hmm hmm u no see say i dey practice my marketing skills. jus liff me o. anyway na one part remain

hahahah oracle
no prob... just link us up to the wordpress blog. U know u cud do a thanksgiving poem though

thank u 4 thanking God 4 me o afro

Aijay how u dey?

DiAmOnD hawk said...

hey Olamild... wonderful thankful post... God is Great and greatly to be praised for EVERYTHING... :-)

diary of a G said...

lil busy but still thankful...
aint that the spirit?

Writefreak said...

Well rendered! He deserves our praise

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

The song that keeps coming to me heart is " all I ant to say is thank you Lord"

God is indeed a wonder.

GERALD said...

very encoureging lady.. keep up..
I love this

Oracle said...

Olamild, i've already written a poem on thanksgiving in the past.
Here's the link to my 30 days of thankfulness chain

Here's the link to the old thankfulness poem

Obinwanne said...

its a good thing to thank God n all times....thanks for stopping by, i had a sad day, but im geting fine and im done with my exam...thanks for stopping by