Saturday, November 17, 2007

About OLAMILD- 8 weird things

As the lord liveth, the glory of the lord shall not be quenched in my life (Amen). This was what we recited at church yesterday. We are having a 3 days program at church; it started yesterday and it's being great. Pastor Komolafe from Toronto, Canada preached yesterday. He wil be preaching today again and Pastor Solomon Odejayi from Chicago will be rounding it up on sunday. I have been blessed and I'm not afraid to share it. I will blog about this crusade later on but here's a prayer point 4 yall.... I overcome and overpower every giant threatning problems in my life in the mighty name of Jesus... oya pra pray pray o. Oh yeah, i have the whole week off from school (thanksgiving break) . Princesa tagged me. I guess I'm to share 8 weird things about me so here it is... Happy Reading

(8) I don't drink cold stuffs. I have to have it hot or warm. You wonder how I drink orange juice or cold drink from the fridge. It's easy. I pour it into a cup and put it in the microwave. Everyone in my family thinks I'm wierd because of this. Na them sabi. When I go to parties, I ask for water because most of the drinks are cold. The reason why I don't drink cold stuffs is because it steals my voice. Give me a cold drink and my voice is gone in 5 mins. I have to strain myself when I talk.

(7) HAhaha this one is making me laugh sef. When I brush, people get scared. Apparently, I brush in a loud manner. I cough and scream...**Brushing** harggggghqwlcuuu k pu pu ....sis runs into the bathroom once to see if i was okay. She hissed when she realized i was only brushing my teeth. WHat can I say? i got that from daddy... If i come for a sleepover and I'm shouting while in the bathroom, don't get scared.. .I'm just brushing my teeth.

(6) I am obsessed with stuffed animals (teddy bears to be precise). Friends buy me teddy bear as bday gifts or xmas gift and i love `em more than anything. I've got coco, tade, chaz, yetunde, snoop n so on... Ok whatever. My teddy bear have names. Guess what? they share my bed with me.

(5) Whenever I'm not doing anything with my hands (i.e cooking, typing) , I keep both of them between my thighs. Don't ask me why. I don't even know sef...

(4) I have a birth mark shaped like the moon on one of my arms. My birth marks are usually shaped like (dot) ... just one of it though. I have one on my inner lip. is this wierd sef? i no even know anyway... I did this once and I'll never do it again. --> wrapped both legs around my neck. I was idle... I guess i watched too much wrestling and I decided to see how flexible i was. Don't think I'm krazie....oh well yea just once a year

(3) I LOVE WRESTLINGGGGGGG... SMackdown, RAW,u name it. I don't wrestle but I'd love to. It's my favorite show on TV. I love john cena, batista, shawn michaels, triple H, n so on.

(2) This sister can pick stuffs up with two toes( the big fat one and the one next to it). I pick pen, pencil, trash.... raise it up to wherever i want to put it. If I saw a paper on the floor and I don't feel like picking it with my hand, I use my toes.

(1) `Don't really know how to hiss. If you do something to me and I hiss, you'll think I'm trying to kiss someone. Don't laugh at me o. I practice hissing and I never get it right but I hiss anyway **hisses**

Hope you all are looking forward to a great THANKSGIVING weekend. GOD BLESS YALL. Special thanks to nameless poetical for helping me with my short new worship song. I tag unnaked soul, fantasy queen and arewa. Ciao


Lighty said...

u love wrestling? lol! good. olamild please make sure u dont make that loud noise when u come for a sleep over okay?? can u do that for me.

happy thx giving darling muah.

Ugo Daniels said...

hahahaha...very funny. The brushing thingie sounds familiar though ;)

chicala said...

happy happy thanks giving babes!

wow, u'r rily weird, lol.........jokes! Ur characteristics are amusing, lol. u pick stuff with ur toes? wow, wish i cld do that.
How u doing? And how's it going with the music biz, u'l def make it big........Good luck with evrything.


Jaybabe said...

hey babes, how you doing?

LOL @ your number 5. And the hissing part. But i love the way Nigerians hiss you know? It's very clear and strong, you can feel how really pissed one is.

Keep well hey?

Lyrically speaking said...

Thank you for the visit to my blog, yours is wonderful and I appreciate reading your post...enjoy your thanksgiving :)

fantasy queen said...

okay, at least u sound crazier than i' and u had to go tag i have to reveal that i turn into a teeny tiny ....em' that would be telling.

have a wonderful thanksgiving, dont munch on too much turkey and remember to be thankful all year round(after the feast)...have a wonderful holiday

La Reine said...

I remember when I used to love wrestling...but I still cant hiss.

Aijay said...

LOL!! You can get some hissing lessons from me. I'm a pro... lol.

Anyway, you’ve been tagged for the 30 days of thankfulness chain.
Please visit my blog for details.

diary of a G said...

happy thanksgiving
hope I didn't hurt ur eyes on my
*rush rush*

Isi said...

stuffed toys... giving them names...sharing ur bed...babes u definitely need a man! lol!
how u dey?

Sha said...

LOL... Wow u put ur drinks in d microwave?lol i only do dat with cereal tho..
and screaming while dats funny too.

Just passing thru.:_D

UnNaked Soul said...

I have a birth mark on my lips... and one on my left ear, people confuse it for piercing.

I shall have my tag up soonest, i promise... lol

Writefreak said... can pick things with your toes! That's so cool got tagged on my blog, go check it out

Olamild said...


I'll try not to

Yea I think so

sweetie, God bless ya
thanks 4 stopping by
Music's on suspence sis
they rdoing some work on the studio
and I've not been able to go in

tell me abt ito. nigerians can hiss ehn.

I wish u the same. thanks 4 stopping by

abegii i know u're crazier than me

why did u stop liking wrestling... when u heard it was fake shey?


so sorry i'm late. I don tell una say this month go busy small..I will do th epost asap


Thou shall not hurt my eyes

hahaha abeg no be toys
na animals .. don't make me go crazy by sayig they've got feelings too.
Having a man makes no difference. I'm not sharing my bed until I've been walked down the aisle


thx 4 stopping by

r u serious? Come o are u my brother 4rm anoda mother? i have one on my left ear too and pple think it's a piercing... that one runs in the family sha


U tagged me too.. cheiiiiiiii i better do this post befor euna kill me o

princesa said...

Really Nice read.
Am sorry i couldnt drp by earlier dearie, work pressure.

Your weirdness worse pass my own o!,lol!

And on not drinking cold drinks, Maybe thats cos you are in the US where cold dey catch like no man biz. However i assure you say if you stay one day in the lagos hot sun, you must reach for the nearest cold drink you see, Voice or not!

OLAMILD said...

Na lie be that my sis
If them tok say person waka 4 sun
nobody waka pass me
with my legediz benx
mehn i miss 9ja o

I can't do cold stuffs
regardless of the weather
I'll go dumb for hours.

SouLBoutiQue said...

Oh my gosh!!! I do the same thing. I put my hands between my legs too!! ( i shouldn't be too excited) and i didn't notice until a friend told me saying it can give the wrong message to guys if you know what i mean... when i'm driving, sitting in class, studying...i don't feel soo weird anymore, lol.

OLAMILD said...


So I've heard but I'm used to it
Once I realize my hands are in between... i pull em out but it doesn't take too long before i get back to it.

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