Monday, March 9, 2009

Ten Ten + Fun Weekend

Hope yall had a blessed weekend
My weekend was simply beautiful
Friday was a girl friend's bday
so we went to the mongolian grille.

It was my first time
considering the fact that I don't eat out too often.
We had to make our own dish
add raw recipes + frozen stuffs together
for the cooks to grill.

Twas kinda weird at first
but it was fun afterwards.
The cooks or should i say "grill dudes"
were flipping swords and
performing all sort of stunts while cooking the food.

My sis and friend decided to goof around
with the frozen dish.
The food was so good...
I forgot to take pictures after it was cooked
We went bowling afterwards
and my fans could not wait to get me on the bowling alley.

The bowling shoes were big and ugly.
I was a bad bowler..... talk about horrible...
Of all the 20 people that went bowling,
I had the lowest score.
It was my first time sha and I managed to score 15.
Twas a fun weekend overall
Yall remember that game "ten ten"
I miss those days
when we played suwe, snakes n ladder,
boju boju et all

Nway I'm loving this song Ten Ten by Mohits
Check it out.


Afrobabe said...

Didn't play ten ten though I know the game now...still dont understand the rules...

LG said...

yessooo ten-ten rocks!!!! suwe nko?? wat abt okoso??? :-)
babes i'm feelin dos b'shoes o :-)

fantasy queen said...

yes i wasnt one for tenten...but i rocked suwe, although my legs were to short to jumo through the double boxes...:)

ur pix spell fun fun fun!

FineBoy Agbero said...

wow! played ten-ten with my sistas. Crazy game, cldnt keep up with all d thrown legs!
and did u eva eat dat meat??? looks too raw!

AlooFar said...

let's play. oya...

Olamild said...

Frobabe I don't remember the rules too well sef

Suwe was fun o
heheheh LG

Back in the days, we'd roll our skirts up into mini... all in the name of jumping without stepping on someone's house.

Of course we cooked it before eating it.

Lol Aloofar