Monday, March 2, 2009


Hope yall had a great weekend
Mine was well spent.
I braided a friend's hair this past friday
and while there, my feet got cold.
She made me wear this yall about torture... it kept
my feet warm though.


I need your help blogsville.

I have been invited to organize and
coordinate games at a 10 yr old party.
The celebrant's mom wants various
games for the ages of 5 - 16.

I have only done this once
and I vowed not to ever do it again
cause those kids were naughty.

here i am ready to do it again..

Any ideas?


Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

Fiiiiiirrrrrsssssst!!!! Nefer last...!!!

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

U niid 2 get dress & go see Mrs Solomondyelle o...
If she's nt @ home drop msg wit' her maid...I trust she will have lotz of ideas 2 share wit' u...

Meanwhile, abeg tell ur friend 2 send those cutiez 2 me...*wink*

Good Naija Girl said...

Those slippers are adorable and I bet they'd keep your feet warm well well.

Hmmm, party ideas for that age range. To be honest I can't think of many things that would entertain both a 5 year old and a 16 year old. Maybe they could be divided into two groups?

Olamild said...


I want to break it down to something like...

Ages 5 -8
Ages 9 - 12
Ages 13 - 16

Writefreak said...

The slippers would definitely keep any cold feet warm!
I don't know many games, but try this dancing round the chair thingy, i've forgotten what it's called!
All the best babe

Kafo said...

around age 10 hmmm
i have to admit that is a huge task
u will be okay
just try and choose games that don't require alot of thought but is fun for everyone and where the winner is not clear that way u can deem the game a tie

s.chic said...

for the younger kids atleats up to the age of 14-15 actually...musical chairs,dancing competition, freez dance, u can also try this game where u get a drink with no caffeine, maybe caprisun, anything soft sha...have them see who will finish it can also be done with food...just have to be careful the age group so on one chokes...when i say food, maybe hotdogs...Good luck!

Olamild said...

Thank u sooooooooo much s chic.

I am sooooo going with the caprisun one.

Anonymous said...

love the slippers....

games that could be played would be one called "safety"

How you play it give each child 5 safety pins....and you make up a word that no one could say. If someone catches that person saying that word then that person gets their pin... until the end of the party...the person with the most pins win.

babyshower (baby)
wedding (wife/husband)
birthday (happy)....and so on, good luck!

Arewa said...

Sup sis....yes..yes... Im back after being MIA for so long.

I think the slippers are cute.. call me
Dont know any games but Im sure u will be fine. You are good at things like this. let us know how it goes. All the best.. x x x

Arewa said...
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