Friday, February 20, 2009


Everyday is a day of thanksgiving
God's been so good to me;
everyday he's blessing me.

is a day of thanksgiving
I glorify the lord today.

It dawned on me yesterday
that I was weaker than I ought to be.
RCCG North America declared a fast through out the
month of February.
I fasted for the first 7 days
and fell sick.
I had to stop because I was required
to eat and take medication at certain times.

I became well after a week and did not
continue my fast.
Since then, nothing's been the same.

I have not been able to go to the studio this year.
I moved from a house to an apartment
I've been gaining unnecessary weight
"Mr" just had emergency surgery and is not doing too good.
and ...........................and ...........

Last night, I had a dream
I don't recall it too well
but the mere thought makes me shiver.

I was with a friend
We walked down an aisle together
I was scared as we took every step
because bodies were lain on our left and right.

I stepped out of the aisle and gave thanks
I said God are you trying to tell me I have not been thankful
for being alive?
Are you trying to tell me
I am not praising you despite this trying phase?

I walked away and went to an uncompleted building..
with someone I didn'tt even know.
After a while, I found myself racing out of the building
only to end up stepping on an animal
that put holes in my leg.
I mean tiny, deep, thousands of holes.
It was gory!

I ran, ran, ran in pain until I woke up
I looked up and said haba baba
this is not fair.
You could have just sent someone
why a scary dream?

I guess God had to do it the hard way
because he knows I am a worshiper
and I have not been up to that name this year.
Without further ado, I say

"Lord I thank you
You said we should give thanks in every situation.
I give thanks for love and life in abundance.
I thank you for everything
because I know sorrow may last for the night
Joy comes in the morning.
I give thanks for the person reading this mssg
I really do give thanks
and I am sorry it took this long
for me to say thank you lord."


miz-cynic said...

its good u realised though tht u have to praise God in every situation.

Rita said...

I guess we do not have to wait to say thank you...

Afrobabe said...

Yes girl we should be thankful even if we dont get that prayer request, the mere fact that we lived to see another day is something to be thankful about

Writefreak said...

My dear. It's well and God will take care of everything!
I thank God for opening your eyes, He knows which means will get our attention the best!

wait, why do you have to follow me everywhere? lol

Kafo said...

this is true and real



Omo Oba, na waaaaa ohhh.

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