Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Ring

A girl named Lisa.. this is her story.

Lisa: I was all alone at home on one lovely day. I decided to go for a walk. I walked miles after miles, while listening to my walkman. All of a sudden, thunder striked..lightning followed. I knew I was in for a shocking rain. Turning back to walk home would be a stupid choice because I would get wet. I walked to a bus stop, and tried to stop a motor cycle to no avail. It started raining. It rained heavily. I didn't know what to do, I just stood there with the hope of getting home safe. All of a sudden, I was being covered by an umbrella. I looked to my right to see the most handsome guy on planet earth. I don't often talk to strangers, but he was trying to help. I'd be a fool to reject his help. Thanks, I said with gratitude. A few minutes later, he stopped a motor cycle for me. I thanked him again and offered him his umbrella which he refused. "You need it more than I do". I thanked him and left. I couldn't stop thinking about this mystery guy that came out of nowhere to save the day.

* * * * * *

2 weeks after this occurence, I ran into this same guy at a friend's party. I was surprised that he still recognized me. I smiled and said "sorry I didn't bring your umbrella". He just laughed.." You didn't know we'd meet again". I felt stupid for saying that but I didn't know what was coming out of me. I know I skipped a heartbeat. We exchanged contact info and departed.. I started seeing him 3 months after the party. He was not just an ordinary guy, he was perfect. He shows love and affection in every way that he could. I could recall an incident that happened one xmas. I left his gift at home thinking I had packed it with some other gifts that I took to church. I'm sorry I don't have your gift here with me. We can go over to my place so you get it, I said with a cute voice. "You don't have to. You are the best gift one could ever ask for. I am glad I have you and I love you." I guess you know what follows that. A kiss sealed with gratitude. We had a lot of good memories. We loved more than we argued. HE was the best thing that ever happened to me, he still is. 25th of december 2006, a day that I will forever cherish.

He bought me lots of gifts. He brought some flowers which I took from him with a huge smile. He took it back from me, and pulled one particular flower which he stroked around my hair. He dropped the flower, I attempted to pick it up and he did the same. It was like we planned it. I noticed that the flower made an unusual sound. "I got it," he whispered. I stood up and looked down on him as he picked up the flower...alas... a RING. I inhaled with my hands on my mouth.

"over the past few years, you have stirred me with your smile. Your sharp looks and your cute dimples always put a smile on my face. When I am cold thinking I have no one to hold, you've here.... right beside me. Each and every day, I learn to appreciate you more. I have come to realize that I need you more than you think I do. I want to make you my confidante. I want you to be mine forever. I love you and I'm hoping you feel the same way too. Will you marry me?"

I screamed with excitement. I was astonished and happy. I didn't know what to say.. I could hear soft whispers of yes yes from within. I screamed YEs I will. Yes YEs YEs. He got up, placed the ring on my finger, and kissed me passionately. That was the happiest day of my life. We had a toast and celebrated briefly.

Last week, I went to my best friend's house for a sleep over. We decided to pay her cousin a visit.....other girls were there as well. We did some girl talk, watched movies, cried and sang. I wanted to help my friend's cousin with the dishes. I took off my ring, placed it on the counter and washed the dishes. I washed and cleaned my hands. I headed to the counter to get my ring and realized it was missing. I called the attention of everyone to the issue. Everyone claimed they didn't see it. I blacked out for about 5 mins..

As of today, I'm still searching for the ring. My fiance is out of town. He should be back in 2 weeks. what do I say to him? How do I tell him this story?

Would you ever forgive your girl if such happened?
Would u be willing to even hear her out?

How do you explain such to your man?
What would be your justification as to not being careless?

Note: Originally posted on NW when I wrote it.


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Miss Opeke said...

Na me biko

LurLar said...

Ok am
Be honest...say it exactly the way it happened,nd i think rings usually have insurance on it. If not well a ring does defines love like opeke said in one her post.

Miss Opeke said...

I am the FIRSTTTTTT!!!
FIRST...!!! dis one calls for Thanksgiving Service o...

Miss Opeke said...

Sorry Lurlur...I beat you on dis position taking...hahaha

Miss Opeke said...

How do you explain such to your man?
In the first place, I never take off my ring before I wash dishes. But If I did, before I leave my best friend's coz's house...Omo! Everybody must search for it scatter we go scatter that house o...Wetin, una no see wetin? …Everybody muz surrender their handbags & body for serious searching…lol
But on a serious note...I better start praying seriously to find the ring. And in the meantime, I will call him (while he's still out of town) and juz ask him a trick question to see his reaction...if it isn't good then I have to prepare for the worst...but I am hoping he shud forgive me...

What would be your justification as to not being careless?
Believe me, God juz has to come and intervene because I will be juz numb at this moment

Arewa said...

A similar thing happened to my cousin but she went out and bought a replacement before her man noticed it.....
But i totally agree with Miss Opeke ... i will never take off my ring to do the dishes...but i swear all hell would have broken loose in my attempt to find out where the ring had gone(as it definately wouldnt have dissappeared into thin air..)

How do you explain such to your man?
I would probably go out and get areplacement ring ..if possible or else i will have no other option but to break the news to my man..knowing that he wont find it funny at all.

What would be your justification as to not being careless?
It is being no comment...Thres one lesson to be learnt here do not trust anyone!!

What would be your justification as to not being careless?

Anonymous said...

u cringe and cringe and try to cover it up as long as possible, then beg and plead and apologise and beat yourself up so he won't be able to blame you... then you offer to split the cost of the replacement ring with him- as in 70/30 kinda split!

u explain exactly what happened in all HONESTY and jus go on apologising jare! nothing else to do, really.
oh, and keep looking for it! (and stay away from those thieving friends... lol)

diary of a G said...

sorry but why can "almost" every woman relate to this post? why?
cos they are clumsy that's why! okay no kill me

I think forgiveness is inevitable but
If I was that guy, I'd feel somewhat unappreciated. Sorry to say but I'd rather be told it was stolen than you kinda lost it...

I'd be willing to hear her out but If I ask for my own time to cooooool off than I hope she will understand and don't make a fuss and try to blame me for being angry

Writefreak said...

some of us are in the habit of taking our rings off before doing house chores so i can relate to that. Omo like miss opeke said na to really scatter the whole house o and search everyone's bag, infact search the people's body gan sef...and then if i do everything and i don't find it (it happened before that i was looking for my ring but i did find it),i'll call MR, do the lovey dovey talk and tell him bluntly...sure he'll understand, he might be initially upset but he'll later tell me it's just a ring, we'll buy another one and life will move on!

Andy said...

Guess I will be pissed initially, but it was not really her fault oooh! It's not the end of the world...but it will pain me sha!

100%Lighty said...

oh God what a disaster. well wot 2 do, wot 2 do. this is not good.

first she needs to tell her man this has happened. no point trying to hide it from him. we cant blame her for trying to help. they just have to look for a means of replacing the ring.

sure he'll be pissed off but ayy! there is nothing to do about what has happened. except he had it insured, which he should have done by the way.

so any man reading this, make sure you insure ur ring purchases. you just never know.

diary of a G said...

just read post below and left my late comment
stay up 1

Aijay said...

Ola I don update oh! Lol.

I'd be so upset if I was Lisa.
I won't get a replacement without the Mr's knowledge cos the guilt will kill me.
I'll tell him exactly what happened. He'll be unhappy initially, but will come around eventually cos I lost the ring by mistake - I didn't through it away.
Hopefully, he'll mention getting a replacement. If not, I'll mention it in a lovey dovey tone & cry till we get it replaced. Lol.

Aijay said...

Oops! I meant *throw it away.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, i pray it never happens to me(Amen).

Secondly, it would be a terrible news to break to my sweetheart but **it happens jare. It would be kinda hard for him to forgive but he would eventually one way or bluffing hun? Oh well, buying a new one prably wont make a difference to his acct cos he'l be stinkingly rich anyways, lol.

Ahh, but that kind thing na bad thing o!!I might cry my eyes out first.

Orientatednaijababe said...

This one na serous wahala...Now i know not to take off my ring to do chores (wen i do get engaged)...I think she should just tell the dude the truth and offer to replace it, sure he wud offer to pay for half or more....But i pray insurance policy was bought oh...She shud have searched and showed madness like Miss Opeke said, maybe they wud have vomitted d ring..too late now

rethots said...

You said it all; " you get it, I said with a cute voice. "You don't have to. You are the best gift one could ever ask for.""
Hence, he shouldn't be mad at you but, how to tell him.
Well, i'll ask him, "If my ring becomes too small for my finger, what will you do?"
From his description, he'll probably ask, "What happened?" that voice, i'll be honest with him & narrate what happened.
...after which he'll probably suggest; "...maybe you shouldn't take your ring off again."
...Thanks, i'll say.

Nyemoni said...

well, crap happens! I never take my ringss off lol! but then if it happens, what gives? My hubby lost his once he took it off at home and we couldn't find it for months, only saw it about 1 year later when we were moving houses... to me, it's no biggie...

Thanks for the birthday wishes girl...I appreciate!

God bless!

GERALD said...

Nice to hear such interesting story.
I read your story up to the end, coz the way you got your Bf is almost the way I got my girlfriend.
Nice post....olo

GERALD said...

There even i don't have what to advice you.
if your boyfriend listens to you then he will be quick to realise that no foil play on the ring.
My girlfriend has nevcer been in such a mess, I can forgive her if her explanation satisfays..

eddiie said...


What should i say from here.You fell for the starnger on the first stop?

Ok i wonder whether some of these things happen because apart from Movies, i never see that happening..

I mean i have watched some Bolly Hood films and thats where everything is portraid..

May be you are among the very lucky few to have found a SINGLE stranger out there..


As a guy, i wonder whether i would take that if my girl friend went with it..i just cannot tell what i would do...

Its a bit tricky especially if i really love her....


Ugo Daniels said...

See, it can be very tricky esp. if yu dont trust the girl but if you trust her and believe there's no foul play, then it should be a simple case to forgive.

Though, it'll require the toughest of men to do that :)

Miss Opeke said...

Plz update all the dateable dayz...I don't make sense but you grab sha!!!

diary of a G said...

update na

Olamild said...

@Opekzy, ki lon happen?

@lurlar, ring dey get insurance 4 naija? mmake we no dey take american eye luk everything o my sis.

@opeke again and again, and again
LOLLLLLLLLLLL r u serious?

@arewa, Waowww what if u can't afford the ring? will u get a fake replacement?

@geisha, I find your comments very funnyyyy and honest.

@big G, I'm sure the ladies did not hear that cause they would have jumped u.

hmmmmm like ur comments. keep on keeping it real.

@writefreak, well written

@andy, yup now but it might not seem like that to you if it happens 4 real

@100%, good advisor

@aijay, hahahahaahh see this woman o na so we women be sha with fake crocodile tears... just to get anything

@chicala, yup yup tell em sistah. cause everyone just dey think them fit afford the ring.

@orientated, LOLLLLLL

@rethots, hahahah u think u r in lala land?

@nyemoni, u know it's not that easy

@gerald, the story is fictional

@EDD, lisa is lucky right?

@UGO thanks 4 ur honesty

TANK YOU ALL FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL COMMENTS. It's really grat to see us stand up for each other. The story is however fictional so be at ease.... lisa is not in trouble.