Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Olamild vs. Yahoo Yahoo boys

Hello Blogsville
How una dey? Hope una dey enjoy o...

Yall know how we're all trying to keep our heads up
in this recession (or should I say economic meltdown like my 9ja folks).
I decided to add on to what I do
so I put up resumes on those job search websites.

I was told to check out craigslist
which I didn't know about until recently.
Lo and behold I got two interviews from craiglist.
Anyway, I saw this job posting for an office asst.
and reviewed the job description.
It seemed like an easy task wiff my credentials
+ it won't affect my evening classes.

I sent my resume to the job poster and got an email saying the resume
fits the job criteria. I was expecting a scheduled interview
but was told the job was temporarily out of office and I'd have to work from home.
I thought that was even perfect and asked for more info.

I was told I'd run errands
mainly making donations to charitable organizations
because the "employer" works between MI and NY.
I'd run the errands in MI since I reside there while the employer is supposedly away from MI.

I asked to meet the person I was to work for
but was told to send my picture which I objected to.
I stopped replying the messages and thought the person might have given up on me.

About a week or so after, I got an email saying
a check had been mailed to my address for $3700
shooo for what?
Employer said to send an email as soon as I received the check.
I got a check in the mail for $3700
about 3 days after the message. I asked what I was to do with it.
Employer said I would need to cash the check
and send it to an orphanage home.

Orphanage home?
Yall know I love kids! I deposited the check and was told
the funds would be available on Oct 9th.

I emailed employer and asked for more details prior to the funds availability.
I got an email saying I'd have to send the money
via western union to an orphanage home in UK
and keep $500 to myself.

$500 for me just to help person send money to UK ehn?
I knew something was fishy all along but ehmm
I don't jump to conclusions.
I googled the name and address i was to send the funds.
The name came up and the address came up as well.
The address was that of a boutique and not an orphanage home.

I did not mention anything to Mr. Employer claiming to be a "Mrs."
I went out of town for 3 days.
On getting back (oct 11), an email had been sent to me.
I was to send the funds immediately because a little boy needed surgery.
I did not respond to the message.

I called the cops to seek advice on how to handle the issue
since the check was payable to my birth name.
They told me to talk to my bank instead; the check was issued from a bank in NY.
On getting to the bank, I was told the check had been sent back to my house
because it was rejected when my bank tendered it.
I told them how it came about and how I suspected it to be fraudulent and they said they'd call the bank in NY to see why the check was returned to sender.

They called and confirmed it was fraud-related.
Everything looked perfect but the account number on the check did not exist.
The representative advised that i beware of job ads on craigslist...

I thanked the bank and went home since my name was clear.
I told my friends about the whole issue and they were glad it was over with.

Oct 18 (6 days after i resolved the issue with my bank & 12 days since i stopped to respond to Mr. Employer's email)

I got a phone call for the first time.
"Hello, I am calling from the orphanage home in UK
we were told you'd send some funds but.."

I hung up!

Phone rings again and

"The little boy is desperately in need of surgery and we really need the money. Please...."

I hung up again.

Phone rings for the 3rd time with a private number of course

"Hello Miss ***, how are you? I am calling from the orphanage..."

Olamild - "hey hey hey listen up! You can at least cover up your thick Nigerian accent now if you wan fool person. Who told you to call me? (trying not to curse in my native tongue) Let this be the last time you'll ever call my number again. If you dare call me again,...

I hung up and that was it.


Ms.O said...

is it bad that I found this realllllllllyyyyy funny!!! omg! Niaj ppls sha!

Myne Whitman said...

Wetin we go do these yahoo boys abeg? Thank God you weren't carried away with receiving cheque that you sent them your own money. Soo mee oo. Hmmm!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most amusing posts I have read in a while. Especially the last part...it had me giggling. One would think these fraudster would have given up by now but everyday, they keep finding ways to mess with people. Ola you for shekpe for him.

fantasy queen said...

olamild has gone yahoo on us lol
so not funny. this peeps are so crazy and determined, if only they could direct all that energy to real jobs.

theres this site 419eater that cracks me up. you should google it up and read all the stories. hilarious.

well @least they were generous enough to ask you to keep $500:)

Writefreak said...

Olamild...easy o! These yahoo boys are so annoying! And you did the right thing, so smart! I always say it, you have to be greedy to get scammed!

Good Naija Girl said...

Wow! Gosh, I don't even know what to think. I'm glad your good name wasn't ruined in anyway though.

Well lesson learned sha: beware of Craigslist job postings and of course the whole "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!"

It's a shame that some bad folks have to ruin things for everyone.

Rita said...

I have found myself in a similar situation and I tell you, the love of money is the root of all evil. I almost fell.

Thank God for the good head you have on your shoulders and for the fact that you are not greedy otherwise you may have got into trouble or spent your money.

TinTin said...

OMG..thank God u cleared your name sha!! haba these yahoo boys are crazy!!