Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Yesterday

I saw a lioness
turn to a lamb.

I was in the library and thoughts of her came to me
I sent a text message asking her if she was home
She said yeah so I gave her a call.
I am tired o. Your house is close to school
I just need to rest my head for a while.
I have an evening class though
Okay... guess what?
I have bad news for you!, she said
I asked her what was going on
and she told me she couldn't say it on the phone.

I headed straight to her house
I greeted everyone
They smiled and said hi
That was unusual...
No one's picking on me
No one's telling me how I need to trim my eyebrows
Is everything okay?, I asked.

She looked at me and looked at her sisters
Everyone was silent for almost a minute
In a chorus, they said "My father died"

Oh! Oh no! Oh waow!
this is too much for me to handle
Oh God!

I looked in their faces and I saw them try to fight the tears.
They had been called from Nigeria
they were told he was sick on sunday
and died on monday midnight.

It was too much for me to bear
Words could not be said
Feelings could not be expressed.
I picked up my pen and paper
Within 5 minutes,
I wrote two poems
One titled "Out of sight is never out of mind" and "H-O-M-E"

I shared it with them and I could
read their minds just by looking into their eyes.
They took the written piece from me
and placed it on the shelf.
Some of them went out to find
black attires for their mother.

She sat by me
We were alone
She looked at me
and she said
This life is too short
Imagine me having sleepless night over a pair of shoe
getting bothered by material thing
when someone is out there dying.

I'm sorry.

She got up and walked to the kitchen
to answer one of the numerous
phone calls she had been receiving.
For the first time in 3 years,
I heard her broke down
I saw a lioness turn to a lamb
She was the strongest of all my friends
She was the "no nonsense chick."
She was the one with strength
to fight tears
and here she was helpless.

she got off the phone
came back to me
Looked me in the eye and said
"Olamild I am fatherless
On father's day
I'm gonna look up to the sky
and say happy father's day to thin air."

No words can describe the pain I felt when
those words came out of her mouth.
I was there from 11:15 a.m. to 10 p.m.
I felt the family's pain and
I just want yall to pray for this family
I cannot mention the last name
because they are yet to tell one of the children
because she is away from home.
They do not know how she will take it
especially being alone where she is.

Please pray for my friend.
She's very dear to me
Pray that God sends comfort to that home
because they really need it.


goodnaijagirl said...

May your friend's father rest in peace. I've prayed for the family and I'm sure they have already been blessed by your presence with them all day.

Take care of yourself and my regards to the family.

LG said...

*sighs* my heart goes out to ur friend n her family.
May Daddy's soul rest in peace AMEN
God bless u for doing this for her.

BTW thanx dearie, for making my birthday fun.

ablackjamesbond said...

May the Lord give them the strength to bear the loss. My heart goes out to them.

archiwiz said...

I pray for the strength for them to bear their loss...and for the one who's away from home; can someone go see her and then break the news, or have her come back home so she'll be with the rest of the family to grieve?

And that was a great thing you did olamild. God bless you for your dedication to your friend and her family.

diary of a G said...

I pray ur friend's family be comforted by the blessings of the lord...may his soul rest in peace

n bless all his children

Kafo said...

i will pray for them

Olamild said...

Thanks a million yall

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

may his soul rest in perfect piece and bliss.

this is really sad.

may the strength of God be their strength.

Everyone Loves a Naija Girl said...

Life is too short. I hope that they can get through this.

naijalines said...

May the papa rest in peace and may God grant the family strength.

Dammy said...

But why do you feed mortals
with fruits grown with blood
and when they are ripe,
you pluck them away from life's stem
to feed some parched earth?

Why should mortals be served as meat
on earth's table for farmished worms to feast?


Tairebabs said...

This sent chills down my spine and made me realise I should stop worrying over material things and thank God for life. May your friends father rest in peace. I pray God gives the family comfort in this hour of need. The sibling that is all alone I can pray that he or she finds comfort in those close.

Olamild said...

THank you all
soooooooooooooooooo much
I believe the family will be travelling to Nigeria next month

The mum actually left for 9ja two days after the incident.

WeirdGurl said...

that's so sad. Your friend and her family are in my prayers.
I pray God gives them the strength to get through this and may He console them.
May his soul rest in perfect peace Amen.
Your friend needs you most at this time. May God use you to comfort her.
Take care.