Friday, October 26, 2007


What was I suppose to do?
Don't judge me based on what you heard
Don't judge me based on what he told you.
HE loved me and treated me like a queen
We had something special
and we spent lots of time together
we loved one another.
HE'd look into my eyes
draw me close
and kiss me slowly and softly
HE loves me and he not only tells me so
HE shows that he's incomplete without me
We had to be apart
when distance came in
We were miles apart
but we were together by heart
HE still loved me and cared.
We drifted away
when he lied and cheated.
What was I suppose to do?
he was there all along
but who cares
when he didn't have my heart
like HE did.
he loved me and treated me like a queen
what we had was nothing
compared to what I use to have.
Love was not a case
Hatred was not on the face
Likeness was all it was
we were fond of each other.
HE apologised and we tried to make it work
he never stopped bothering me
A second chance please?, HE said
Just one chance please?, he said
Uhmmm I'll think about it
he came like he was who HE use to be.
he looked at me like HE use to do
He held me close
and had me slowly and gently
What was I suppose to do?

{To be continued}

Have a gr8 weekend



Orientatednaijababe said...


Is this real or fiction???

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

May I ask the same question??? Is this real or juz friction???

Jaybabe said...

Aaaagg Shamms! Babe. You can ask that again. Call it matters of the heart. At that stage i gues it's speaking for itself.
Fiction or not...follow your heart.

I hope you fine...

Olamild said...


Everyone is going like what? who?
how? when?

Take it easy my folkz
Olamild is fine
It's a mixture of both
Da real part is about me
DA unreal part is just random thots
(what could have happen if .......)

U figure out the real and unreal part.

Kiibaati said...

I like this. It still makes me wonder were does love go?